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An intensive three day masterclass in which we travel through the world of Corporate Anthropology, with film fragments, exotic stories, thought-provoking assignments, games, anthropological theories and the translation of this into practice in organizations. Indispensible for leaders, consultants, trainers and employees who really want to get to grips with organizational culture and cultural changes.

What does this offer? Far-reaching understanding of how people form cultures and how cultures form people. About tribes, organizations and the interplay between power & love. About power, ranking, hierarchy, reciprocity, trust and loyalty. Over cultural change, liminal spaces, viral change, influence and ethics. About corporate cosmology, pointing out and making rituals… count on a comfortable pace, with beautiful images and a high density of information.

There is no open enrollment for this three day program in English, but this may be booked as an in-company, post- or pre-conference program.

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If your based in the Netherlands and speak Dutch, know that we also provide a wonderful series of lectures in which you learn about corporate anthropology in the course of six Monday evenings.

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MODULE 1 Introduction to corporate anthropology

What is cultural and what not? How do people shape cultures and how does culture shape people. What is the history and what are the investigative methods of cultural anthropology? How did this discipline end up in the business world and what does it offer us?

MODULE 2 what is ‘CULTURe’?

In the previous lecture we examined how people shape cultures. In this lecture we go deeper into the universal questions that people all over the world have to find an answer to. We call these specific answers culture. Which elements comprise a culture? What do you need to examine in order to understand a culture?


Cultures are formed in interaction and decision-making. The interplay between power (sense of purpose, power and ranking) and love (people orientation, togetherness and connection) is essential in this. This lecture will offer you anthropological lessons in power, reciprocity and mergers.

MODULE 4 CULTUral change

Cultures are always and constantly changing. But what if you want to guide this change actively? If you want to implement a particular idea, plan or type of behavior? Then it would be a good idea to determine what sort of change you are dealing with. A module on how anthropological knowledge can help you in directing a cultural change in such as way as to make the new behavior spread as an attractive virus throughout the organization.

MODULE 5 LIMINALITy and the order of things: influence and ethics

The previous lecture talked about implementing change, but in this one, we take a step back. In your view, who or what influences the order of things? And who determines what the ‘correct change’ is? And if chaos arises from this, who then holds the process of change? We will examine the locus of control, tribal roles, liminality and ethics.

MODULE 6 CORPORATE cOSMOLOGy: power of ritual

Culture arranges daily, ordinary life. But what do we do with the extraordinary? The inexplicable, the changed? This is what the last lecture discusses. Anthropologists talk about cosmology: that which arranges the extraordinary. Can we see any magic in organizations? We’ll talk about the importance of rituals in shaping and changing cultures. And about how you create a suitable ritual for your team, organization or change.

About us

HumanDimensions looks at companies and organizations through the eyes of an anthropologist. We look at how people shape cultures, and how cultures shape people. We travel the world looking for ways to build strong tribes, that are diversity-friendly and ready for change. And we bring our findings to the world of organization and cooperation through our excellent keynote speeches, master classes and training courses. Deep Democracy. Inclusion. Diversity. Organizational culture. Leadership.

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