HumanDimensions wants to activate organizations to become irresistible to all their employees, clients, suppliers and the world. Strong Tribes. Safe for Diversity. Ready for Change.


People organize themselves into tribes all over the world. Tribes in which people live, work, believe, love, fight and change together. This happens in a similar way in organizations. We look at companies as living communities that are formed by the ideas and behaviors of people. And, at the same time the prevailing ideas and norms in such an organization influence the people. This is what we call culture. HumanDimensions works from a basis of constant curiosity about how people shape cultures and about how cultures shape people. Effective working cultures, in which there is a minimum of fuss and in which everyone can achieve their goals in the best way possible in a positive atmosphere.


Various deep human powers are constantly and simultaneously at play in a tribe, an organization. Every living community holds, on the one hand the need for recognition of the differences between the members of the community and, at the same time, the need for connections and the search for agreement. We summarize these powers with the terms Power & Love.

On one side there is the strength of power. With the need for differentiation, focusing on targets, diversity, setting boundaries, opposition, taking on the competition, wanting to be the best, self-actualization, growth, creation, seeing the difference, joining the debate and being yourself. On the other side lies the strength of love, with the need for integration, harmony, unity, togetherness, agreements, dialogue, connection, making the broken whole again, cooperation, merging and adapting.


In strong tribes, healthy organizations, the chemistry of power & love is used in the best possible way. The connective power of love creates a clear common narrative: a goal, a mission, a belief, a meaning, a totem. Based on this communality, people form themselves into a group and a common language is created, common behaviors and habits are developed. Group boundaries and choices formed from the targeted strength of power allow people to hear new opinions and new perspectives are generated. Strong tribes connect where they can, fight when they have to, repair what is possible to repair and say farewell when there is no alternative.


We believe in the ideal of open and inclusive cultures; of working together in freedom and embracing and making use of everyone’s differences. Within the organizations and together with the stakeholders, customers, clients, pupils, Chain partners. Easy? No. Idealistic? Yes. And an ideal is something to strive for. We believe.

Tribes form themselves in interaction, dialogue and decision-making. This is why we call out for no more meetings, ever. But we should light the campfires. Moments of actual connections, meeting of minds and hearts, in order to create strong tribes in which the internal relationships are open, where there is space for a real conversation and where information and ideas and thoughts can flow.

Every question has already been Dealt with

Every issue we face today we have already dealt with as humankind in the course of the last 50,000 years. How do we merge? Marriage rituals. Change management? Rituals and rites of passage. Great inclusive decisions? Tribal leadership. Uncertain futures? The oracle. Conflict? Silent meetings, with sharpened arrows or with a singing battle? New organization? Other techniques, age-old dynamics.


Jitske Kramer travels all over the world to learn from traditional healers, leaders, surprising innovators, peers and random passers-by. Special rituals, everyday actions and age-old dialogues contain a treasury of human wisdom. It is these cultural best practices that we then translate into practice for teams, departments, projects, chain cooperation in our training courses, vlogs, books, keynote speeches and master classes… and into practice in your organization. When faced with a question that is new to us, we dive into the treasure chest of human example by researching the literature or the Internet or by, literally, going on a journey, in search of solutions and cultural best practices.

What do we do, and what don’t we do?

We put our heart and our soul into our work and it is important to us that we use our time and energy carefully. When we receive requests for lectures, training courses, interviews and meetings, we apply the following criteria to decide whether or not we will proceed.

  • Impact Are we reaching the right people (positions), are we reaching enough people (numbers), will it provide spin-off for the further dissemination of our work? Will it make organizations and, in so doing, the world, better, more inclusive, more sustainable?
  • Money Is it commercially attractive? We are business people.
  • Attractive Is it fun, wacky, do we like it, is it different from everything else? Not everything can be expressed in money. Sometimes we do things just because they are special… because we can.

For requests that meet all three criteria, we put everything else to one side. For those that don’t, we don’t. And we consider very carefully those that fall in between. This gives us a clear focus, ensures that we stay enthusiastic and can do what we do full of energy.

About us

HumanDimensions looks at companies and organizations through the eyes of an anthropologist. How do people shape cultures and cultures shape people? We travel around the world looking for ways of building strong tribes, safe for diversity and ready for change. And we bring our findings to the world of organizing and cooperating through our excellent keynote speeches, master classes and training courses. Deep Democracy. Inclusion. Diversity. Organizational culture. Leadership.

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