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The wisdom of the minority

Jitske Kramer


Imagine that at the start of a strategic process we didn’t say ‘I hope we will all reach agreement quickly’. But instead 'how amazing it is to be here together with so many people, with so many different views, opinions and networks. Let’s combine our collective wisdom to reach the best solution ever.’ What great matters could we achieved with each other... But how to do this? How do we ensure that all points of view are fully addressed? That it is not always those few people who talk in a meeting? That the whole is more important that the egos? A keynote speech on the ‘wisdom of the minority’. About sabotage, ranking, autocratic decisions, kings and sharks.

Deep Democracy is a vision and a method, developed by Myrna Lewis. The strengths in the Lewis Method is that it sprang from the transition period of apartheid to democracy in South Africa. It enables all voices to be heard. Inevitably there will be differences of opinion amongst people. The Lewis Method has unique tools, which enable these differences to be resolved and to gain the wisdom that lies within the collective views. This leads to innovative and creative solutions and enhanced relationships.

The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy is a practical five-step approach for working with groups and individuals. It is "democratic" because it emphasizes that every voice matters and that decision are wisest when majority and minority voices are both valued. It is "deep" because it goes far beyond the engagement with ideas and instead surfaces emotions, intuitions, attachments, and identify issues that make a conversation more honest and real.

In this keynote, Jitske Kramer will guide you through the basic principles of this philosophy and the way in which you can reach deep democratic, inclusive decisions.

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During a masterclass there is more time for questions and how to translate the topics to your organization. We’ll use our intake session to discuss the focus and the topics that need more exploration. After an introduction, we get down to work with one or more of the Deep Democracy types of dialogue: check-in, standing conversation, steps 1- 4 of decision making. The dialogue can be between the directors/board and the organization, the contents of the lecture as well as the development of a vision, fixing a new strategic course, core values, and strategic decisions... We facilitate courageous decisions in the seclusion of the boardroom as well as for a wider group.

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