Bootcamp to see as an anthropologist

Two-day ethnographic culture investigation

Jitske Kramer


“I would really like to figure out in greater depth the organizational culture of the group I work in more quickly. To properly seek out the cultural patterns. To understand the ranking in the group, assess the interests better; hear the successes and concerns from the people themselves and not through a list of question. Yes, like an anthropologist, an ethnographer would do.”
...if you recognize yourself in the above, this boot camp is what you are looking for.

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a two-day TRAINING course

We will teach you how to see as an anthropologist in two days. Switching between the view of the insider (emic) and the outsider (etic). Applying forms of participation, interview techniques, anthropological observation. About how ethnographic information can contribute to your leadership, consulting, training and coaching… A great side effect: your holidays and family events will never be the same again. Once you have learned to see as an anthropologist does, you can never turn it off....

are you a fully qualified ANThROPOLOGist after this boot camp?

No. In this boot camp we focus on the method (how you look) and only touch on the substantive aspects of cultural investigation (what you look at, what you research). If you want deeper access to aspects of culture and cultural change then we can recommend our three day masterclass Corporate Anthropology. Or, when based in the Netherlands and able to understand Dutch, our series of lectures.

our approach

In this training course, we’ll give short, intensive and lively lectures, followed by time for reflection and practice with your fellow participants. Theoretical when needed and practical when possible. We have recorded a lot of the course material for the boot camp in video clips. In accordance with the principle of flip-the-classroom, we expect you to watch these in advance of the course and carry out the assignments. This preparation, for which you should allow 3 hours, is essential for us to be able to build on this during the training and have enough time for discussion and getting down to practical work with each other. This is because we can explain the method to you but in order to apply it, you must practice and reflect on it.

the structure

We start the first day with an introduction to anthropology and the method of participative observation. We quickly move onto working with the forms of interview and experience the difference between emic and etic. In the afternoon we conduct a collective cultural investigation as a group, in which your skills on the fields of observation and interpretation are tested. We start the second day with an in-depth lecture on anthropological filed work, followed by an individual fieldwork assignment in town. That same day we discuss the results of your fieldwork; what was it like to do, what did you see, how did you see it? What would you do differently the next time? We close with a final lecture on ethics and anthropological research in organizations and as part of programs of change.


Watching the video clips and doing the accompanying assignment is essential. If you haven’t completed this preparation it is detrimental both to you and the group because it is on this knowledge that we build in the time that we are together. After enrolment and payment, you will receive, at least one month in advance of the start of the course, the link to the online teaching environment for this boot camp.


We offer the training courses with open enrolment in Dutch. We provide English language training courses for in-company processes or if you gather a group together yourself. The location is in The Netherlands or anywhere else in the world. Please contact us to examine the options.

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PRactical matters (training in dutch)

The trainer: Jitske Kramer

Price €1,400 (VAT free because of CRKBO registration, including meal.)
Location Central Netherlands
Size of groups maximum 16 people
Group composition As diverse as possible. We do our best to ensure this but are, naturally, dependent on enrolment
Day 1 9.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Day 2 9.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

About us

HumanDimensions looks at companies and organizations through the eyes of an anthropologist. How do people shape cultures and cultures shape people? We travel around the world looking for ways of building strong tribes, safe for diversity and ready for change. And we bring our findings to the world of organizing and cooperating through our excellent keynote speeches, master classes and training courses. Deep Democracy. Inclusion. Diversity. Organizational culture. Leadership.

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